City of Barwick

PO Box 146
Barwick, GA 31720-0146
Phone:(229) 735-2311
Fax:(229) 735-4151
Population (official): 386
Population (estimate): 375
RC: Southwest Georgia
GMA District: 11
Congressional District: 8
State Senate District: 8
State House District: 175

Elected Officials

Ned Simmons
Council Member
Tim Andrews
Council Member
Carl Griffin
Council Member
Dale Hicks
Council Member
Iverson McCann
Council Member
Walt Yost

Other Officials*

City Attorney
Tommy Coleman
City Clerk
Kellie Overmier
Municipal Court Judge
James Council
Fire Chief
Michael Manley
Municipal Court Clerk
Kellie Overmier
Public Works Director
Willie Walker
*Functional titles only. Actual titles may vary from city to city.