City of Ambrose

PO Box 147
Ambrose, GA 31512-0147
Phone:(912) 359-2078
Fax:(912) 359-2078
Population (official): 380
Population (estimate): 381
RC: Southern Georgia
GMA District: 11
County: COFFEE
Congressional District: 12
State Senate District: 7
State House District: 155

Elected Officials

Henry Milhollin
Council Member
Bobby Leverette
Council Member
Josh Milhollin
Council Member
Denise Paulk
Council Member
Daniel Paulk
Council Member
Levon Reives
Council Member
Brad Vickers

Other Officials*

City Attorney
Patrick Ferris
City Clerk
Mary Vickers
Water Supt.
Henry Milhollin
Fire Chief
Trey Spivey
*Functional titles only. Actual titles may vary from city to city.