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GMA Model ROW Agreement Webinar
February 16, 2017
Many cities have worked with telecommunications companies seeking to place equipment on water tank towers and cell towers on public rights of way. As these companies increasingly compete for better wireless coverage, they have begun to rely more on specialty companies that approach cities about placing “small cells” in the public right of way.

Behind Door Number Three: But We Were Just Looking!
February 14, 2017   |  Phil Friduss
This is the story of what happens when people enter homes that are not theirs, without per­mission. For Sale signs out front of empty(ish) homes notwithstanding.

Win-Win with Bicycle Programs Across Georgia
February 10, 2017   |  Pamela A. Keene
On a trip through Smyrna, one might find a jovial group of residents riding identical bicycles and enjoying the city’s new bike share program. Programs similar to Smyrna’s, which use Zagster bikes and other bike-share services, have been popping up across the state.

Shared Mobility: Evolution of Ridematching Services in the U.S.
February 10, 2017   |  Susan Shaheen, Ph.D. and Adam Cohen, Transportation Sustainability Research Center
In recent years, economic, environ­mental and social forces have quickly given rise to the “sharing economy,” a collective of entrepreneurs and consumers leveraging technology to share resources, save money and generate capital.

How to Do Creative Placemaking How to Do Creative Placemaking
February 8, 2017   |  National Endowment for the Arts
How to Do Creative Placemaking is intended as a primer for those interested in bringing the arts to the community development table as a tool—along with housing, transportation, public health, and other sectors—to advance revitalization efforts in an authentic way.

Georgians See Results of Transportation Investment Act Georgians See Results of Transportation Investment Act
February 8, 2017
 It’s been just four years since the Transpor­tation Investment Act (TIA) was passed in three Georgia regions: River Valley, Heart of Georgia Altamaha (HOGA) and Central Savannah River Area (CSRA), and residents are already seeing their investment make significant transportation improvements. 

A Lynching, a Police Chief and an Apology A Lynching, a Police Chief and an Apology
February 8, 2017
On January 26, 2017, LaGrange Police Chief Lou Dekmar apologized to the community for the police department’s role in the 1940 lynching of Austin Callaway, who was abducted from a jail by a group of masked white men, was shot and left to die.

East Point Uses Crowd Funding for Streetscape Improvement
January 31, 2017
The city of East Point is embarking on an aggressive plan to improve the built environment, transportation options and quality of life for its residents and visitors by moving forward with a variety of projects. 

Centerville Holds First ‘Picnic in the Park’ During a Hometown Connection Centerville Holds First ‘Picnic in the Park’ During a Hometown Connection
January 31, 2017
City officials statewide have taken advantage of Hometown Connec­tions as a way to engage with their legislators. The city of Centerville used their Hometown Connection to connect and also showcase the Town Master Plan for its Town Center and Center Park, which will be integrated into a cohesive downtown. 

Officials across Georgia Work to Minimize Blight Officials across Georgia Work to Minimize Blight
January 30, 2017
A number of Georgia cities, including Jackson, Newnan and Macon-Bibb County, have successfully started to reduce blight within their cities.

It’s Your Deal: Understanding the Roles and Responsibilities When Issuing Municipal Bonds
January 24, 2017   |  Lynnette Kelly, Executive Director, Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board
Financing a public project with municipal bonds is a team effort in which many professionals work together to achieve the goals of the municipality. But as government officials considering issuing municipal bonds in 2017, keep in mind that it’s your deal.

Young Artists Bring Life to City Art in Winterville Young Artists Bring Life to City Art in Winterville
January 23, 2017
“What we do for our kids is going to change the world,” said Winterville Mayor Dodd Ferrelle during the Dec. 2, 2016 unveiling of the city’s new mural. What was once an old auto repair shop is now the site of the new city mural located in the city square—the unique part: the drawings on the mural were inspired by original sketches from 60 third, fourth and fifth grade students from Winterville Elementary School.

Must Read: Zoning Decisions May be in Danger
January 23, 2017   |  Phil Friduss
I guess you can blame yours truly if things go south in the Hoechstetter (Hock-stetter) case—one pertaining to a long-standing, statewide custom dealing with public notice in zoning matters. We’re going to want to stay on this as it works its way through the courts. Here’s what we have.

Metro Atlanta Mayors Prepare for the Future of Smart Cities
January 13, 2017
In November 2016 more than 40 mayors gathered at the Commerce Club in downtown Atlanta for a lunch program hosted by GMA and the Metro Atlan­ta Mayors Association. Here attendees learned from and engaged with smart city experts during a panel discussion. 

Climate Smart Brownfields Manual Climate Smart Brownfields Manual
January 9, 2017   |  U.S Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
Brownfield revitalization can support community efforts to become more resilient to climate change impacts by incorporating adaptation and mitigation strategies throughout the brownfield cleanup and redevelopment process. This manual, published by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, will help communities think about climate mitigation, adaptation, and resilience in the context of brownfield cleanup and redevelopment.

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